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BlueBerry Inc. is a Canadian mobile communications website. The products offered on this website for purchase consist of a selection of mobile phone devides. Please click "Products" on the main menu to view a list of products.


BlueBerry Inc.'s mission is to be an innovative leader in the wireless communications market.



Our vision is to make it easy for Canadians to communicate and do business wirelessly.

Ike Pazalitis

Above: founder Ike Pazalitis


Founder: Ike Pazalitis
Ike founded BlueBerry in 2014 after graduating from Lakehead University's Bachelor of Commerce Program. He envisions great success for the company with his strong team members who share the same vision for the company.
Sales: Mike Pazalitis
Mike, brother of Ike, has an extensive background in sales and marketing, and he hopes to put those skills to work for BlueBerry to the best of his ability. He is also a graduate of Lakehead University's Bachelor of Commerce program.

Website administrator: Pike Pazalitis
Pike, the third brother of the trio, is another graduate of Lakehead's Commerce program. He strives for usability and user-friendliness, and hopes to bring those qualities to BlueBerry's website and online store.